10 Dogs Who Love Tricks And Treats For Halloween [VIDEOS]

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Dog in monster costume

(Picture Credit: TanyaReynolds/Getty Images)

Halloween is lurking around the corner like a vampire in the night. It’s one of the most fun holidays on the calendar, and it’s full of tricks and treats and all kinds of spooky surprises.

But all that fun isn’t just for the humans. Our doggy pals want in on the yearly monster mash, too!

Here are some dogs with tricks and treats just for Halloween.

1. The Petrifying Pomeranian

Halloween is a time when all the great slasher movies come out and terrify us all over again. But the pup in this video is starring in his own slasher prank.

It would certainly be terrifying to come across the gruesome scenes in the video, but once the pup pops out, I can’t help but laugh. The tiny, fluffy pooch is one of the least intimidating dogs I’ve ever seen.

Cute little murder beast.

2. Superdog Takes A Walk

What’s that on the treadmill? Is it a bird? A plane? No, those things don’t go on treadmills. It’s Superdog!

The Chihuahua in this video looks like the mighty Superman in his little costume, complete with cape.

Sure, he’s not flying, but he is keeping up a light jog, and a cardio workout is important.

3. Munchkin The Ewok Dog

If you’re a fan of Star Wars, you know the most annoyingly adorable creatures in a galaxy far, far away are the Ewoks. They look like little teddy bears, but they have spears, and they sometimes eat people.

Munchkin the dog looks just like one of these tiny, living stuffed animals. He couldn’t have more of a perfect face for this costume.

4. Two Dogs In One

The pup in this video has a lot on his back. Good thing his friend is helping him. Wait a minute, that’s all one dog in an adorable costume!

This dog seems confused as to why he’s being paraded around instead of going out for a walk, and once he sits down the illusion is destroyed. His backside pooch deflates like a balloon.

5. Just Plane Dog

What’s that on the lawn? Is it a bird? A plane? Yes, this time it’s a plane.

Crusoe the Dachshund is looking very cool in his homemade airplane costume. He’s ready for takeoff as he trots around, pretending he can fly through the sky.

It would be a nice change of pace from being so low to the ground all the time. A dog can dream.

6. Panda Pup Prances

Huxley’s Halloween trick is fooling you into thinking he’s a panda. The treat is seeing those panda arms flop around in excitement when the pooch comes running.

Don’t make the mistake of filling his Halloween basket with bamboo, though. I’m sure Huxley would prefer some more canine-friendly foods when he comes to your door.

7. All Tricks And No Treats?

Maymo the Beagle and his buddy, Penny, are out for trick or treats with a whole wardrobe of adorable costumes. But they seem to keep getting a bunch of junky tricks and no treats in their bucket.

The pups are good sports, though, and finally get the treats they deserve. They’ve earned this feast and chow down.

Halloween turned out alright after all.

8. The Saddest Unicorn

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Poor Sadie is dressed as a pretty unicorn, but she couldn’t be more embarrassed. Offers of playing, going outside, and even treats can’t bring her out of her funk.

She looks at her mom as if to say, “What have you done to me?” Looks like this pup will be happier dressing as herself for Halloween.

9. Alien Attack

Tank the Chihuahua must be a big science-fiction fan. He looks just like an alien from the movie Alien, or at least like an alien swallowing a Chihuahua.

He seems to be having a great time hunting down his human and attacking him with lots of licks to the face. That’s what happened in the movie, right?

10. Laser Dog

Olive the Pit Bull‘s human is quite the do-it-yourself type. Her instructions for making laser goggles for your pooch go over my head, but if you’re good with electronics, give it a try.

Olive seems to love her costume and is passing nicely as a kangaroo person from the movie Tank Girl. She’s going to be glowing brightly for her trick or treating on Halloween night!

Is your pup a fan of tricks and treats? Do you include them in any of your Halloween fun? Let us know in the comments below!

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Quer ter um cão educado, feliz e em perfeita harmonia em sua casa?

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