10 Best Wiener Dog Costumes For Halloween [PICTURES]

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Dachshund dog dressed up as hot dog with ketchup.

(Picture Credit: Eric Lowenbach/Getty Images)

Wiener Dogs in Halloween costumes — that’s one of our favorite things about the holiday! Their adorable, long, little bodies are perfect for playing dress up. It’s almost Halloween! Do you have your costume picked out? Time to get cracking.

Costumes always come with a warning: If your dog isn’t happy playing dress up, we advise you not force the issue. Never force a dog into any kind of costume.

However, there are lots of dogs who enjoy dressing up and playing human with their favorite people, and that’s okay too.

Here are ten dog costumes that are ideal for Dachshunds!

1. Sailor Wiener Dog

sailor costume dachshund

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Ahoy matey! This wiener dog loves the open oceans!

Get your pup a sailor costume on Amazon!

2. Cowgirl Wiener Dog

Dachshund Puppy dressed like a cowgirl

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Your sweet Doxie will look so rough and tough in a cowboy or cowgirl costume!

Start off with a cowgirl hat on Amazon!

3. Demonic Sorcerer Wiener Dog

dachshund dressed as devil

(Picture Credit: OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP/Getty Images)

A magical costume indeed! We love our li’l devils!

Get your lil’ devil started on Amazon!

4. Hot Dog

The hot dog costume really is a winner for wieners!

Turn your wiener into a wiener on Amazon.

5. Wiener Skunk

How cute is this little stinker?

Dress up your stinky pup with a costume from Amazon!

6. Professor Wiener Dog

Professor Wiener Dog! I love that this is simple, and your dog would sure look handsome in pictures!

Find bow ties for your Doxie on Amazon!

7. Super Wiener

Unleash the superhero in your dog.

Find doggy Superman costumes on Amazon!

8. Reindeer Dachshund

If you dress your pup like a reindeer, they’ll get a chance to wear the costume again I suspect. Like, around Christmas!

I love the hand crochet reindeer antlers. They also double as a pooch warmer.

Find some similar styles on Amazon!

9. Derby Doxie

There are a lot of cute costumes that put a rider on top of your pup. All of them are hilarious.

Find costumes like this on Amazon!

10. Ram Wiener Dog

dachshund dressed as ram

(Picture Credit: Elizabeth W. Kearley/Getty Images)

Turn your wiener into a wild ram!

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Charge into Halloween with a doggy ram costume on Amazon!

Before You Dress Up Your Dachshund For Halloween

Here are few basic guidelines for when it comes to putting your adorable pup in a costume:

  • Never leave your dog in a costume unattended. You just never know what can happen.
  • Avoid costumes that are bulky and could cause your dog to overheat.
  • Don’t pick a complicated costume. “Keep it simple” is always a great rule when picking out a costume for any pet.
  • Avoid costumes that cover their entire heads. You never want to impair a dog’s vision or ability to move their heads and drink water.
  • Never put a costume on your dog that limits mobility. That’s just not right.
  • Take your pictures and remove the costume as soon as you can so your dog can get back to being a pup.

If your dog doesn’t like wearing costumes, don’t make your dog wear one. It’s always best to take your pics and then remove any items that make your dog uncomfortable.

Always keep your dog on a leash when trick-or-treating. Make sure your dog can’t get access to toxic candies on Halloween, and make sure the kids put their candy in a secure place.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Do you have any other great Halloween costume ideas for Dachshunds? Do you take your pup trick-or-treating? Let us know in the comments below!

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Quer ter um cão educado, feliz e em perfeita harmonia em sua casa?

Baixe AGORA a versão Free do  Manual Prático de convivência Canina “Do Pátio ao Sofá de Casa” e tenha um cão feliz e educado junto da sua família.